20 October 2011
6 October 2011


“And this was but the beginning of the tale of the legendary heroes, Thor and Loki.”

From the tie-in comic for the movie (which you all have, right?). WHY COULDN’T THEY STAY HEROES TOGETHER. )

and also this!!

6 October 2011
The post about the comics where Hiddle!Loki and Hems!Thor fight side-by-side


It’s from a Marvel One-Shot featuring two short stories: the first about Captain America and the second about Thor. It was to promote the movies and I found them pretty cute.

Here’s the link to Marvel’s page about it:


I’m also hoping I’m not breaking any rules, tumblr is so new to me. I just stare the pretty pictures. 

and then i had the best followers ever and wept genteelly into my keyboard

here you go athenanon! and thank you to all the people who sent in answers; you are all wonderful precious daisies.

2 October 2011
Anonymous: I once saw a scan/cap of a comic battle (one page) in which Thor and Loki fight side by side and end up acknowledging each-other's skills, with Thor saying something like "maybe we should fight together more brother" and Loki agrees. In this he's wearing a costume similar to Hiddles' costume in "Thor". Which volume is this? Athena

i actually have no idea, but perhaps one of our many followers will know! can someone help athenanon out?

15 September 2011
12 September 2011




What is this I don’t even

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11 September 2011
19 August 2011



Because of previous post and Thor’s perfect hair in Avengers…..

oh lord have mercy

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13 August 2011


The Mercy in You

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10 August 2011


Crappy quality but just look at Loki trying to hide that smirk when he realizes all his plans are coming to fruition. 

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