15 June 2011

He falls from the stars and the heavens, falling into a foreign realm amongst the branches of the Worlds Tree. Abandoned, alone, and filled with bitterness he finds her. She is like him: alone, abandoned, filled with bitterness and the desire to take until she feels as if the world has given back what was taken from her.

Such bitterness for a mortal.

He convinces her he is from across the sea and devoted to returning her to her throne. He tells her the truth, that he too has been used by his family for their own ends, and that he wishes to see the world burn around him for it. He promises her a silver throne, power, and a home worthy enough for the gods that her people worship. Then he promises to give her the force which her realm has not seen in years: dragons.

What better for the Dragonqueen but dragons?

He promises this all to her simply because he is bored, he is a trickster, and he earns to see something in the universe right the wrongs it has done to those who simply wanted to be equal to others. And, perhaps, once his brother and father find him in the forgotten realm of the Worlds Tree, he will have what neither of them have: respect.

She isn’t so foolish. She has lost far too much to know nothing is for free. Everyone plays for their own games, including her. She is not a child anymore.  She will play the game of the world and the thrones to reclaim what was stolen from her. And, should he ever turn on her like so many others have, then she will not hesitate. She will toss him aside if he dare tosses her aside.

Thor/Game of Thrones | Loki Laufeyson/Daenerys Taragaryen
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1 June 2011

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31 May 2011


Odin, Thor and Loki from Thor (2011 movie), Katamari-style


31 May 2011