7 August 2011
I must not tell lies


“I won’t need ink? What exactly, then, will I be writing?” Loki’s voice, smooth as silk though it was, seemed restrained. He regarded the bright pink office with derision, and the toad-like woman behind the desk in front of him with barely-concealed cold hatred. Outwardly, he was calm. Save for a small twitch next to his left eye, you couldn’t tell that he was angry.

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3 August 2011

I’m helping a friend illustrate her Thor fanfic, and Loki figures quite heavily in it, I must say~  Chapter 3’s illustration is Fem!Loki having a bit o’ trouble. :P

Start reading the fic here: http://demonqueen666.livejournal.com/429900.html

14 June 2011


HAH. Halloween costume! If only I could get someone to put that on and follow me around. Hahahhahahaha

Loki Costume

6 June 2011


Not feeling well today so just chillin’ with my Loki plush.

I still feel proud to know I was like, the first person to make one.

AND it was before the movie came out….

I still think mine is the only one on DA! O.o

I love him <333

He took SOOOO long to make though. 

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26 May 2011


yes plz

24 May 2011


Uncanny X-Men Annual #9
By Christ Claremont & Arthur Adams

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24 May 2011

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23 May 2011

maddie-son: darling. your gifs are fabulous. how could i not reblog them?

twenty-first-century-cure: ONLY THE BEST FOR LOKI Y/Y

lol i am like physically incapable of stopping myself from ranting in tags tho

i’m glad you find them entertaining and not completely mad

danaspitfire and lunaticwitch:

20 May 2011
Thorki— Slash/yaoi of the forbidden


This is to invite those who might be interested to Thorki, the LJ comm and possibly soon a website dedicated to the beautiful Loki and Thor, and possibilities that were perhaps hinted at in the movie at times.

If you hate yaoi or slash, you won’t like it  :) Needless to say this is for mature Loki lovers!