10 August 2011



A THING I DREW. DEDICATED TO BLACKTOFADE BECAUSE SHE ENABLES EVERYTHING I DO. This is like, the longest I’ve ever spent on one thing, and it could prooobably be better but I just want to be finished already. ;_; I don’t really draw very often. ANYWAY! Thank you so much to daunt for holding my hand the whole way through and helping me when I was stuck and being super encouraging and wonderful. ILU. <333

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18 July 2011



I plan to color this


13 July 2011
11 July 2011


Thor and Loki slash because I love this pairing and I need more of it in my life.

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2 July 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 6, guest edition!)

Ahahaha we should just call these Saturday fic recs now. This week’s rec list is a little short, sorry! But hey, don’t worry, Jess is getting back from the Himalayan monastery sometime soon, so she’ll be bringing all the slash when she remembers how to use a computer again.

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25 June 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 5, Guest Edition!)

FRIDAY FIC RECS, guest edition! Late, I know, I’m sorry, RL seems determined to make me miserable. ;A;

As with last week, I totally failed at gathering slash recs on my own (genners gonna gen), but luckily several of our lovely followers helped out with that. Enjoy!

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18 June 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 4)

FRIDAY FIC RECS, guest edition! All sorts of awesomeness behind the cut, yay! Not that much Thor/Loki, sadly, but I’ll try to find more for next week (I’m mostly a gen fan, welp).

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16 June 2011


Loki and Tony Stark

livestream sketch)

15 June 2011