14 August 2011
13 August 2011


The Mercy in You

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11 August 2011



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10 August 2011


Crappy quality but just look at Loki trying to hide that smirk when he realizes all his plans are coming to fruition. 

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7 August 2011


Thor (2011)

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6 August 2011


Blue-green! Hydrated chromic oxide!

3 August 2011
Harry Potter Crossover Month ends on August 17th!

oh noes!

thankfully we’ve had some wonderful submissions - all of which can be found under the #hpthorcrossovers tag - but those posts are getting sad and lonely in their hp corner :( don’t leave them hanging, guys! submit stuff! draw things! write fic! rant about which character belongs in which house! go wild! and make sure you tag it all with #hpthorcrossovers!

2 August 2011


Amora & Loki - teens and adult <3 I like their buddy-relationship, so nice x) “We were bad since kindergarten” sounds badass x))

2 August 2011


-“I could have done it father, I could have done it. For you, for all of us.”
-“No, Loki.”

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2 August 2011
Water hi-yah!

Another one of Loki the Waterbender, this time with our Hero as a wee bb wearing a BIG OL PARKA