20 May 2012
looking for a co-mod!

greetings, lowly midgardians!

so here’s the state of the nation: i no longer have the spoons to run this bad boy on my own! i need someone to help me queue/tag things properly, respond to messages, and manage submissions. shoot me a message over at my personal if you’re interested or have any questions :33 thank you!

ETA: just fyi, i will be making my decision a week from today, most likely based on the blogs of the people who are interested, and i may or may not pick more than one person, depending on how things turn out. either way, please remember that this is not a big deal! i don’t want anyone feeling like this is some kind of test or competition lmao it’s just a fangirly blog about a comic book villain, no need to get your breeches in a knot mmkay

29 September 2011
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What is this I don’t even

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11 September 2011

A Loki-centric fanvid set to Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. Loki’s magic and his words are the weapons he uses to protect himself from all the other kids.

11 September 2011
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27 August 2011

“Good Heimdall…”

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