20 May 2012
looking for a co-mod!

greetings, lowly midgardians!

so here’s the state of the nation: i no longer have the spoons to run this bad boy on my own! i need someone to help me queue/tag things properly, respond to messages, and manage submissions. shoot me a message over at my personal if you’re interested or have any questions :33 thank you!

ETA: just fyi, i will be making my decision a week from today, most likely based on the blogs of the people who are interested, and i may or may not pick more than one person, depending on how things turn out. either way, please remember that this is not a big deal! i don’t want anyone feeling like this is some kind of test or competition lmao it’s just a fangirly blog about a comic book villain, no need to get your breeches in a knot mmkay

6 October 2011
The post about the comics where Hiddle!Loki and Hems!Thor fight side-by-side


It’s from a Marvel One-Shot featuring two short stories: the first about Captain America and the second about Thor. It was to promote the movies and I found them pretty cute.

Here’s the link to Marvel’s page about it:


I’m also hoping I’m not breaking any rules, tumblr is so new to me. I just stare the pretty pictures. 

and then i had the best followers ever and wept genteelly into my keyboard

here you go athenanon! and thank you to all the people who sent in answers; you are all wonderful precious daisies.

2 October 2011
Anonymous: I once saw a scan/cap of a comic battle (one page) in which Thor and Loki fight side by side and end up acknowledging each-other's skills, with Thor saying something like "maybe we should fight together more brother" and Loki agrees. In this he's wearing a costume similar to Hiddles' costume in "Thor". Which volume is this? Athena

i actually have no idea, but perhaps one of our many followers will know! can someone help athenanon out?

12 September 2011
iasant: I'm the person that anon was talking about. I'm just about finishing up the master post right now. I've found the 300+ issues, and I'm organizing and uploading it at the moment. It should be up before the 15th of this month.

oh gods yes

11 September 2011
Anonymous: Hi, someone had a WIP of a post they were planning on posting, it was a masterlist of all the comics Loki had appeared in along with download links, it seemed like it? I can't for the life of me find it again and I should have bookmarked it but I didn't so I hoope you know where this is and the tumblr of who posted it? It was just a wip but the author said she/he would be done in a week and it's been two weeks or so since I saw it. The header had a picture of comic Loki and links to thor issues.

[Sorry for the lateness of this reply - as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve had some trouble getting Internet access here in France, but everything is okay now, and the blog should be back on schedule :3]

Uhh unfortunately I have no knowledge at all of this post, though I would definitely love a link to it so I can reblog it here for all you lovely people. Does anyone know what anon is talking about?

I do have a masterpost of Loki comics, but it doesn’t include download links, sorry :(

11 September 2011

A Loki-centric fanvid set to Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. Loki’s magic and his words are the weapons he uses to protect himself from all the other kids.

15 August 2011
Two more days to submit things for HP Crossover Month!

/beats at dead horse

3 August 2011
Harry Potter Crossover Month ends on August 17th!

oh noes!

thankfully we’ve had some wonderful submissions - all of which can be found under the #hpthorcrossovers tag - but those posts are getting sad and lonely in their hp corner :( don’t leave them hanging, guys! submit stuff! draw things! write fic! rant about which character belongs in which house! go wild! and make sure you tag it all with #hpthorcrossovers!

2 August 2011
Water hi-yah!

Another one of Loki the Waterbender, this time with our Hero as a wee bb wearing a BIG OL PARKA

2 August 2011

Sketch of Loki vs. Wonder Woman (God of Lies vs. Lasso of Truth)

Loki (c) Marvel, WonderWoman (c) DC Comics