7 August 2011
I must not tell lies


“I won’t need ink? What exactly, then, will I be writing?” Loki’s voice, smooth as silk though it was, seemed restrained. He regarded the bright pink office with derision, and the toad-like woman behind the desk in front of him with barely-concealed cold hatred. Outwardly, he was calm. Save for a small twitch next to his left eye, you couldn’t tell that he was angry.

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3 August 2011
Harry Potter Crossover Month ends on August 17th!

oh noes!

thankfully we’ve had some wonderful submissions - all of which can be found under the #hpthorcrossovers tag - but those posts are getting sad and lonely in their hp corner :( don’t leave them hanging, guys! submit stuff! draw things! write fic! rant about which character belongs in which house! go wild! and make sure you tag it all with #hpthorcrossovers!

20 July 2011
Thor/HP crossover thread

I think this kink meme prompt/answers are relevant to this month: http://norsekink.livejournal.com/3231.html?thread=5325215#t5325215

18 July 2011
This was the beginning of the end.


Quietly (but not without matching, scheming grins) the two identical redheaded boys waited their turn to sit under the Sorting Hat. They wore pointed black caps and matching black robes; the uniform pants underneath them rolled up and hemmed several times over. In unison they turned to the boy next to them, still grinning. The boy’s dark eyebrows drew together in confusion at the looks.

“What?” the boy asked.

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18 July 2011


The long-awaited Thor/Harry Potter Crossover, finished with the movie release in mind. Thor and Loki go to Midgard. Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin are born. 15,600 words (if you can believe that).

Inspired by norsekink prompts here and here. Loki-centric gen. Mild violence, nothing more than the HP series already has. [Also at AO3]

I apologize to those of you who already monitor norsekink and needmyhammer. :)

17 July 2011
I’m not quite ‘normal people’, Narcissa.


There was a man in the garden.

Normally this wouldn’t be unusual; however, at the moment, it was just after two in the morning, the lady of the house was alone in the home; her husband away on one of his famous business trips, and really she didn’t count house elves.
Aside from that, there were wards up all around the manor to prevent possible intruders from entering without permission, and this particular man had apparently fallen from the sky—and down into a small patch of shrubbery, flattening the short bushes.

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17 July 2011