18 June 2011


Sometime tomorrow I will update the master list and delete this linkless, sad little post!

  • -Loki lies about leaving to see the Dark Elves in Svartalfheim, going instead to see Thor and luring him out into a cave in the middle of nowhere. Jealousy ensues as usual. Thor ends up unconscious and…
14 June 2011


This is our personal database for everything related to our current RP! I’ll be updating this as often as I can, so if you need to catch up or re-read things, be sure to check in here every once in a while.

As always, our OOC post for fellow RPers that need a canon point for our characters…

8 June 2011


that other thing from livestream, based on this RP by frostblooded!

ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh did you see that Lion King thing I reblogged because it’s the best

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7 June 2011


“Still think I’m lying about my birth, brother?”


apparently I am storyboarding this fabulous RP because I am too lazy to fit multiple characters in one frame and/or legit paint

Done while watching the amazing Avali livestream an (AMAZING NGNGG) illustration of the scene right before this!

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7 June 2011


So, uh, once again I’m getting side tracked and drawing things like this.
But oh well, look how fabulous he is, omg.  That bitch is coming for your ass, honey.  Yeah that means you Thor, Fandral, Tony and whoever else he wants.  That bitch is the biggest diva in Asgard, snapping those fingers and swinging those hips.  Oooooh gurl, shantay you stay!

As for frostblooded, well…he does not approve.

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7 June 2011


Finished painted doodle thingy of this scene. (because omg it is one of my favorites ever.) One Darcy popsicle and one Jotun Loki.

Full image size! (very, very large)

7 June 2011
So that thing I was sketching all zombie like last night?


It’s going to get some color, because I promised I’d Livestream it. :3

So, you know, if you want to see Jotun Loki turning Darcy into a living popsicle, feel free to stop by!

I’ll start streaming in like, ten minutes or so.

6 June 2011


Shameless drawing of one of my favorite RP scenes. Again. 9u9

I’ll probably go in and color and fix this this later, but I have to be up again to go back to work in 3 hours….agh. DX

5 June 2011



Pass? Well it’s a good thing you aren’t the only Loki out there, darling it’s quite alright I’ll take it from here.

Now where were we? Oh right, I’m pretending to be sad for some kisses. How do you midgardians say, “my body is ready.”

… you were the copy that was hitting on all of the other copies, weren’t you?

#I knew I shouldn’t have let you escape.

2 June 2011


I… one more. Again, from Thor and Loki’s encounter (specifically this part) a few nights ago.