7 August 2011
I must not tell lies


“I won’t need ink? What exactly, then, will I be writing?” Loki’s voice, smooth as silk though it was, seemed restrained. He regarded the bright pink office with derision, and the toad-like woman behind the desk in front of him with barely-concealed cold hatred. Outwardly, he was calm. Save for a small twitch next to his left eye, you couldn’t tell that he was angry.

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3 August 2011

I’m helping a friend illustrate her Thor fanfic, and Loki figures quite heavily in it, I must say~  Chapter 3’s illustration is Fem!Loki having a bit o’ trouble. :P

Start reading the fic here: http://demonqueen666.livejournal.com/429900.html

9 July 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 7)

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2 July 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 6, guest edition!)

Ahahaha we should just call these Saturday fic recs now. This week’s rec list is a little short, sorry! But hey, don’t worry, Jess is getting back from the Himalayan monastery sometime soon, so she’ll be bringing all the slash when she remembers how to use a computer again.

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25 June 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 5, Guest Edition!)

FRIDAY FIC RECS, guest edition! Late, I know, I’m sorry, RL seems determined to make me miserable. ;A;

As with last week, I totally failed at gathering slash recs on my own (genners gonna gen), but luckily several of our lovely followers helped out with that. Enjoy!

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21 June 2011
loki-centric fic recs post!

apparently tumblr now disallows links in asks, so here is where people ought to submit loki-centric fic recs! can be gen, het, slash, any rating, any pairing, so long as it has our favorite trickster god as a focus! now I’m going to end this post on a question mark so replies are still open?

21 June 2011
still looking for fic recs for friday’s posts!

hey guys, it’s andy, jess’ guest blogger! I’m going through and working on fic recs for friday and the friday after next. I’ve got a ton of loki-centric gen and some het fics, but I still need a bit of help as I don’t really read slash in this fandom and I assume most of you are here for the thor/loki. if you have any fics you think are great, feel free to message me with the links! any genre, pairing, length, content is fine, as long as the quality is good! thanks so much! :3

18 June 2011
Friday Fic Recs (Round 4)

FRIDAY FIC RECS, guest edition! All sorts of awesomeness behind the cut, yay! Not that much Thor/Loki, sadly, but I’ll try to find more for next week (I’m mostly a gen fan, welp).

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