7 June 2011


Finished painted doodle thingy of this scene. (because omg it is one of my favorites ever.) One Darcy popsicle and one Jotun Loki.

Full image size! (very, very large)

7 June 2011
So that thing I was sketching all zombie like last night?


It’s going to get some color, because I promised I’d Livestream it. :3

So, you know, if you want to see Jotun Loki turning Darcy into a living popsicle, feel free to stop by!

I’ll start streaming in like, ten minutes or so.

6 June 2011


Shameless drawing of one of my favorite RP scenes. Again. 9u9

I’ll probably go in and color and fix this this later, but I have to be up again to go back to work in 3 hours….agh. DX

1 June 2011
23 May 2011
walking-love-incarnate: Hello there~ First of all, I love this blog! Keep being awesome. <3

I was wondering if you knew of any Thor movie related livejournal communities. The only ones I've found so far are the kink meme and Thor Slash; are there any Loki-centric (or Hiddleston-centric) ones or ones of the lulzy type? Art/graphic ones would be cool too. Much obliged. :D

Hi! I’m glad to hear that. <3

Here are the Thor/Hiddles-related LJ comms I was able to dig up. Hold on to your britches, ‘cause this is a long list.



thor movie

marvel movie universe

for the lulz


tom hiddleston

Hope that helps!

If the rest of you know of any other quality Thor comms, stick ‘em in the ask box and I’ll update this list. I’m thinking I might put up a resources page with all this stuff at some point.