6 October 2011


“And this was but the beginning of the tale of the legendary heroes, Thor and Loki.”

From the tie-in comic for the movie (which you all have, right?). WHY COULDN’T THEY STAY HEROES TOGETHER. )

and also this!!

6 October 2011
The post about the comics where Hiddle!Loki and Hems!Thor fight side-by-side


It’s from a Marvel One-Shot featuring two short stories: the first about Captain America and the second about Thor. It was to promote the movies and I found them pretty cute.

Here’s the link to Marvel’s page about it:


I’m also hoping I’m not breaking any rules, tumblr is so new to me. I just stare the pretty pictures. 

and then i had the best followers ever and wept genteelly into my keyboard

here you go athenanon! and thank you to all the people who sent in answers; you are all wonderful precious daisies.

2 August 2011


Loki, ladies and gents, here is Plotting on how to show his middle finger to the Universe (and probably flick a few V’s to Fate while he’s at it), and save his brother’s life with the help from Mephisto, Hela and an army of monsters….


Badassery of this caliber is hard to come by even at Marvel=_____= 

1 August 2011


comic thor & loki 

22 July 2011


Currently working on another Thor Fanart. Thor and Loki bonding. <3 although Thor looks a little bit odd? Why it is so difficult to draw adult man o…O. ??

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17 July 2011
Thor/Harry Potter Crossover Month

It looks like people are somewhat on board for this! So here’s how it’s gonna go down:

From today, July 17, to August 17, @fyeahloki will be hosting Harry Potter Crossover Month. You are all invited to participate. :3

You have two options:

1. Post fic, art, essays, what-have-you, and tag it with #hpthorcrossovers. I will reblog it.

2. Submit fic, art, essays, what-have-you to this blog.


*Feel free to take both of these options. Then I’ll be sure to see your work and reblog it.

That’s it, really! Go wild, you guys :3 And again, please reblog to spread the word!

Accio crossovers!

16 July 2011
so that harry potter end-of-an-era, all-my-creys thing is happening this week

idk if you’ve heard about it

i may or may not be slightly hysterical because of it

but ANYWAY in all seriousness:

I was thinking - why don’t we make this Harry Potter Crossover Week in Thor (read: Loki) fandom? Write fic, draw art, speculate about which characters would be in which houses (speaking of which - claiming Loki for my own house, Slytherin, right the fuck now, thank you very much). Go wild. Come on, it’ll be fantastic! Maybe we could tag it all with something snappy like #hogwartsinasgard or #feelfreetoslytherinmr.loki (ha ha ha i have got my priorities in order I swear), or just #hpthorcrossovers. What do you think?

Please reblog to spread the word, etc etc~

10 July 2011


“You are Loki, son of Laufey and Farbuti, child of Odin, son of Bor, and brother of mine. And for your myriad sins… For all the wretchedness of your past lives… I cannot imagine my present life without you.”

Thor #617

9 July 2011
“Of late, I have been told that I am a prisoner of Fortune. That the forces which created me are inviolate across many realms and thus, those whom it uses are exempt from blame in their role in the tragedy of my life. And yet I, myself, am ever to be held guilty for my own actions which, by the laws of the cosmos, I am helpless to change or alter. No matter the crimes committed against me, it is only I who will be called “criminal.””


from Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers Part 3

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6 July 2011


here loki shows us how to properly throw a goblet with the right amount of emotion and mood

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