2 August 2011
Water hi-yah!

Another one of Loki the Waterbender, this time with our Hero as a wee bb wearing a BIG OL PARKA

2 August 2011


Loki, ladies and gents, here is Plotting on how to show his middle finger to the Universe (and probably flick a few V’s to Fate while he’s at it), and save his brother’s life with the help from Mephisto, Hela and an army of monsters….


Badassery of this caliber is hard to come by even at Marvel=_____= 

22 July 2011


Currently working on another Thor Fanart. Thor and Loki bonding. <3 although Thor looks a little bit odd? Why it is so difficult to draw adult man o…O. ??

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10 July 2011


“You are Loki, son of Laufey and Farbuti, child of Odin, son of Bor, and brother of mine. And for your myriad sins… For all the wretchedness of your past lives… I cannot imagine my present life without you.”

Thor #617

25 June 2011


Here’s a Loki, there’s a Loki
and another little Loki
Girly Loki, bb!Loki,
that one doesn’t look like Hiddles orz

Sorry can’t draw real reople to save my life. I ARE ANIMU ARTEEST sobs

btw bb!Loki is such a cutie I don’t even—

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24 June 2011


Ikol isn’t very good entertainment.

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24 June 2011

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21 June 2011
20 June 2011


Journey Into Mystery (2011) #624

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18 June 2011