12 June 2011
Anonymous: haha sorry I sent this ask right after you posted the scan so I thought you'd know
THIS http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmi2n4UxA81qgo6amo1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1307959600&Signature=i5kqk3HSOs72L%2B%2BYRAsGAkR7Td4%3D

ohh okay yeah sorry this blog gets quite a large number of asks so things unfortunately tend to get buried :(

but yeah this is actually a fan-made graphic composed of various different panels, so there isn’t one right answer! in fact, i’m gonna go ahead and direct you over to @sistercult, who was the original creator of the graphic. they’ll be able to tell you where each of the panels is from! :3 sorry i couldn’t be more helpful, nonnie!

11 June 2011
Anonymous: Hiiii do you know where that last scan is from?

aghhh anon i didn’t see this question till just now, so i’m not sure which scan you’re talking about! i’m so sorry, but could you drop a link to the post in the askbox so that i can answer your question?

10 June 2011
weaponizedwit: Can I just live in this blog forever, please? <3<3

WHY NOT? :3 make sure you bring some blankets, though - tends to get a little chilly, no clue why but there it is.

haha seriously though everyone, sorry this blog has been a bit dead for the past couple days - i had to drive three hours to someone’s grad today and consequently ended up sacrificing my entire day to the road :( i promise to get things up and running as usual tomorrow! thanks for your patience! <3

9 June 2011
rocketsbooty: Hihi!

So, first I just wanted to say that I went through all your pages in one day <3 You're amazing!

Now, do you remember that T-shirt you posted with the silhouette of Thor and Loki for Order and Chaos? Because I wanted to order one but I was curious to know if you knew anything about the sizes. Like do they run small, big? I just want to get the right size since I'll probably be wearing it to comic con! xD

Thank you!

hiiiii :3 i’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! welcome to the party woohoo~

if i remember correctly, that (thoroughly excellent) shirt was designed by @nygis, so i’m gonna go ahead and point you in her direction, if you don’t mind! she should be able to help you out with sizes and any other questions you might have. and omg you’re going to comic con? jellin’ hardcore over here :( i hope you have fun! :D

9 June 2011
idrawcubes: Ooo I like these new 'what if' ask things!
Question: If Loki came to you and was like 'Baby, we can have sex right now, and it would be incredible, and I'll have the British accent and the sexy black hair and everything... Buutttt, I would actually plant the seed of a giant serpent beast in your womb and you would die within a day.'
Would you do it?? Hahahahha xD

LMAO oh my god you actually made me laugh aloud

well done, you

also this is an evil question of evilness sob ummm oh my god i’d have to say no

while crying tears of blood




9 June 2011
Anonymous: Have you found any video of the final fight?

i haven’t looked specifically for a video of that scene, anon, but there are several download links for the full movie under the #downloads tag. if you want me to look for a youtube video of that scene on its own, i could do that, but why settle for a few minutes of angsty bromance when you can have the whole package? :3

8 June 2011
Anonymous: FMK: hiddles!loki, fem!loki, comic!loki

jesus anon this is the easiest question ever

(can you be the person who writes all my finals or)

fuck: fem!loki, marry: hiddles!loki, kill: comics!loki

8 June 2011
masteroftasks: Someone actually suggested you do a Taskmaster and Lady Loki fan fiction? I some what feel honored. Not that this is a question..

haha i think they were asking that i post some recs but yes, in essence, they were asking for lady!loki/taskmaster goodness

which i am not personally opposed to, it’s just that i’ve never seen that pairing anywhere so i’m kinda like ‘welp’

8 June 2011
dimmadarn: Your blog makes me happy as a schoolgirl. 8D
ANYWHOO, here's a random question you've probably received 475438953095 times before:
If Loki (any version counts) approached you and tried to get you to do something that you KNEW was a trap and would only turn out to benefit him (or her), would you still do it because Loki?
I apologize if that question is worded badly. xD

actually, i hardly ever receive questions like this and i think they’re kinda fun, so… ask away! :3 (lol i hope this isn’t annoying the rest of you - let me know if it is! it’s just - sometimes i get sick of sitting here passively reblogging things lmao I JUST GOTTA TALK IT’S LIKE I CAN’T STOP MYSELF)

ummm okay i know this is like the lamest answer ever but it would really depend on the nature of the the thing he (or she) was asking me to do lol cop-out answers, can has

no but seriously i mean if loki asked me to kill someone or whatever i’d totally have to be like ‘no’ (and then he’d probably use magic to make me do it anyway lmao but the point is that i wouldn’t be doing it of my own free will so yeah)

but if he asked me to like


do something that didn’t seem immediately harmful to anyone i’d probably do it lol because a) it’s fucking loki and i probably wouldn’t be able to speak english in his presence much less think clearly and b) he’s so cunning that i probably wouldn’t be able to suss out what his endgame was anyway

sorry i’m so incoherent, all the amazing fanart in the loki tracked tag has completely incapacitated me sob

8 June 2011
Anonymous: needs more Lady Loki x Taskmaster fan fiction /justsayin..

does it, anon? then why don’t you - wait for it - WRITE SOME YOURSELF?