6 October 2011
The post about the comics where Hiddle!Loki and Hems!Thor fight side-by-side


It’s from a Marvel One-Shot featuring two short stories: the first about Captain America and the second about Thor. It was to promote the movies and I found them pretty cute.

Here’s the link to Marvel’s page about it:


I’m also hoping I’m not breaking any rules, tumblr is so new to me. I just stare the pretty pictures. 

and then i had the best followers ever and wept genteelly into my keyboard

here you go athenanon! and thank you to all the people who sent in answers; you are all wonderful precious daisies.

12 September 2011
iasant: I'm the person that anon was talking about. I'm just about finishing up the master post right now. I've found the 300+ issues, and I'm organizing and uploading it at the moment. It should be up before the 15th of this month.

oh gods yes

29 August 2011
gaby-hiddles-hemzy: hi, sorry, you now if tom hiddleston have a girlfriend or wife tell me please, thanks, bay

uh duh he is married to chris hemsworth where u been qurl

2 August 2011
Anonymous: Sooo, what's the "this" on that post?? Inquiring minds, etc.

d’you mean THIS ‘this’?


this is


that is what this is




2 August 2011
Anonymous: I think you've always wanted to see me without clothes on... I posted photos WITH MY FACE COVERED at AllSinglesLinkUp ) dot ( com just go there create a profile and find ''summatime648134'' then guess who the fuck I am and message me on AIM or something

loki has no time for your human shenanigans

he has realms to destroy

genocides to commit

also he doesn’t use aim, it’s tacky

20 July 2011
snarkilyyours: send this to all your favourite blogs/people on tumblr.
thanks for having an amazing blog ★

awww, thank you! and thanks to all the other people who sent messages. you’re all darlings <3

8 July 2011
Anonymous: Hello! I stalk your blog regularly, and thank you so much for the Thor video links! I downloaded the 3-part Cinedub video, but they won't open with WinRar OR zipgenius. ;_; Can you tell me what program I can use to open them? Thank you for any help you can give me!

hi anon! sorry it took me so long to answer this TT i am a terrible person with the attention span of a moth etc etc

umm winrar should work! are you using a mac? if you are, i’ve personally found RAR Expander and StuffIt to be good unzippers.

secondly, make sure you have HJ-Split or Split&Concat or something similar so you can put all the parts together!

5 July 2011
Anonymous: ti piace sif?

4 July 2011
Anonymous: Idk if I missed the memo [I may have because I follow a lot of people] but is the submit box supposed to be closed?

D: no, it definitely is not! and we’ve gotten a couple lovely submissions in the last hour, so it seems to be working for some people at least… try again, anon? tumblr’s been mad cranky lately, or so i’ve heard.

15 June 2011
missalyssxs: I keep hearing that Loki's face looked messed up in the after the credits scene. I didn't see anything, maybe it was too quick for me. Is there something?

yeah he did look a bit weird but unfortunately since there isn’t an hd file of the movie out yet it’s kinda hard to cap

but here, have a look:

if you squint, you can see these odd markings/areas of discoloration on his forehead, and his teeth are considerably darkened

idk it’s easier to see in motion - i suggest you download the movie (there are links under the #downloads tag) and see for yourself

or someone might have put it up on youtube, idk :/ sorry i couldn’t be more helpful!