29 July 2011


marvel drinking contest: STEVE WINSSSS

for this one anon.

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12 June 2011


By Phoq.

My god, I have always adored Phoq’s art, and I’m not sure if they have a Tumblr, but allow me to just fangirl here for a second.

I think it’s well-known at this point how much I absolutely adore art of Jotun!Loki and anything related to it. But this? Oh my god, this is completely stunning. I just… I can’t get over how beautiful the clothing design is, from the actual design to all of the little detail work. Also, it faintly resembles his comic getup, which is amazing. And then there’s his face. Phoq did such an awesome job capturing Hiddleston’s features, and his expression is just perfect — so many emotions can be read into it.

In short, this is an amazing, gorgeous piece of fanart and I was saddened to see it not posted over here, so I thought I’d ~share it~. (And if it has been posted, let me know and I’ll reblog the proper one.)

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1 June 2011


Female Loki based on the movie version of Sif (ahhh Jaimie Alexander how are you so hot). I slapped on colors without bothering to design an outfit first, haha. Maybe one day I will come back to it and actually figure out what she is wearing.

Anyway this is for hyuuman, whose lady Loki spams made me want to draw a lady Loki. Next on the agenda, a confusingly erotic picture of lady Loki and Thor.

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31 May 2011
"The breath escapes my lips" by thatoddowl


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