25 October 2013
looking for a co-mod!


greetings, lowly midgardians!

so here’s the state of the nation: i no longer have the spoons to run this bad boy on my own! i need someone to help me queue/tag things properly, respond to messages, and manage submissions. shoot me a message over at my personal if you’re interested or have any questions :33 thank you!

ETA: just fyi, i will be making my decision a week from today, most likely based on the blogs of the people who are interested, and i may or may not pick more than one person, depending on how things turn out. either way, please remember that this is not a big deal! i don’t want anyone feeling like this is some kind of test or competition lmao it’s just a fangirly blog about a comic book villain, no need to get your breeches in a knot mmkay

ETA 2, like ten billion years later: turns out i didn’t even have the spoons to select one mod from like a hundred submissions (you think i am making this up, but i assure you i am not), hence the panicking and withdrawing from the world. sorry everyone. i am back now and will be reblogging things occasionally. prepare your beautiful bodies

25 October 2013
24 August 2013
cyndermizuki: We're trying to trend #WeWantLoki on twitter, could you help us out pretty please?

dude i like never update this anymore, but i still get a million asks lol, which i guess indicates that i might still be of some help?

so here you go, i hope people see it uwu

29 June 2012


Prince of Lies

(Thor 2011)

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12 June 2012
23 May 2012

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22 May 2012


OKAY I HAVE LOKI FEELINGS NOW you were right Tumblr, have this super emo drawing from me

22 May 2012
21 May 2012

I never wanted the throne

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21 May 2012


Remember this? I Finished it. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore.